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Max Aub dies in Mexico City on July 22, 1972. On his desk, 5000 typewritten pages were left. It was the result of five years of work in the Luis Buñuel’s biographical project commissioned by the Aguilar publishers in 1967. Texts of his own, film reviews, avant-garde designs, quotes, transcripts of interviews with Buñuel and his friends and acquaintances, audiotapes and other materials. All of this formed the ‘buñuelesco’ labyrinth in which Aub had entered and hid a more ambitious project than the initial comission: to form a mosaic of the broken generation.

A great generation os Spanish intellectuals whose lives were cut short by two world wars, a civil war and a long exile.

The work, which was to be called Luis Buñuel, novela reflected the avant-garde genre practiced by Aub.

The writer travelled to Spain for the first time since 1939 to interview the filmmaker´s old acquaintances. Aub discovered an unrecognizable country and realized that the return of the cursed generation was impossible.

The effort consumed his last energies and Aub died leaving the project unfinished, but leaving instead a labyrinth that hid a great mosaic, portrait of a wonderful generation.


The documentary genre has extensively covered the biographies of Max Aub and Luis Buñuel and the analysis of Buñuel’s films. The photographic and audiovisual archives of both creators have been widely used and are well know by the public, especially in the case of the filmmaker. Therefore, this point pushes us to a different and more risky approach, which is precisely our idea: we start from the proposal received by Aub to write a biography of Buñuel, to end up drawing the portrait of a great generation almost doomed to oblivion because of wars and exiles, one generation also marked by the effervescence of the avant-garde, with its lights and shadows. Aub and Buñuel are the main figures that will bring us the vision of a unique art scene in the Spanish cultural history.

Max Aub
Max Aub
Luis Buñuel
Luis Buñuel














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