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Tecnical-Artistical Data

Title: The Fifth Horsemen. A Vision of the WWI
Genere: Documentary Film (Documdrama).
Directors: Rosana Pastor and Enrique Viciano
Screenwriters: Quico López, David García, Rosana Pastor and Enrique Viciano
Executive Producers: Enrique Viciano and Andrés Luque (RTVE)
Musical Direction: Luis Ivars
Filming Ended: July 19, 2013
Movie Length/Spanish version1: 73 minutes
Movie Length/Spanish version2: 53 minutes
Movie Length/English version: 53 minutes
Movie Length/Valencian version: 73 minutes
Actor: Juli Mira
Actress: Mireia Pérez

Gloria Llorca. The Granddaughter of Blasco Ibáñez
Paul Smith. Researcher of Blasco Ibáñez. UCLA, USA
Christopher Anderson. Researcher of Blasco Ibáñez. Utulsa. Oklahoma, USA
Rosa María Rodríguez Magda. Director of the Museum House of Blasco Ibáñez. Valencia
Rafael Corbalán. Researcher of Blasco Ibáñez. BMCC, NYC. USA
Ramón Tamanes. Economist and Wirtter. Spain
Román Gubern. Film Researcher and Writter. Bellaterra, Barcelona. Spain
Facundo Tomás. Professor of Art History. Poltécnica. Valencia, Spain
Cécile Fourrel de Frettes. Researcher of Blasco Ibáñez. Nantes. France
Joan Oleza. Professor of Literature and Writter. Valencia, Spain
Josep Carles Laínez. Writter, editor of journal Debats, Professor of Hofstra University, New York
Marinette Gascó. Daughter of Emilio Gascó Contell, writter, friend and disciple of Blasco Ibáñez


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